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Ultraviolet laser marking machine is expensive and valuable

2019-07-26 22:41 RETURNS
Ultraviolet laser marking machine is expensive and valuable
Ultraviolet laser marking machine is more expensive, but it has a valuable advantage, it can complete the effect that the optical fiber marking machine can not achieve. It has great advantages, higher resolution, more regular strokes, and compared with dot matrix fonts, it makes people feel better at first glance, and has a certain improvement in grade. At the same time, after reacting with the plastic material of the bottle itself, laser spraying code will have better color contrast and make people see clearly. Date, validity period, batch number, etc.
2. Better adhesion
Similarly, compared with the traditional ink jet printer, ink often has the defect of adhesion. It can not form a solid adhesion on the surface of the product better, and it is easy to erase. It is also a worry of many beverage and condiment manufacturers. Laser jet printer is different. It can penetrate some oil and water and form laser marking characters directly on the plastic surface of the product bottle cap. Unless the cap is destroyed or replaced, the characters on the cap will always exist.
3. Lower cost of use
Ink Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine needs to use ink and solvent no matter when printing character date or two-dimensional code. In the process of using, it also needs certain maintenance and cleaning agent. On the one hand, it is the influence of environment. Ink-water agent belongs to inflammable, explosive and irritating liquid, which has a certain degree to human body. Harm. On the other hand, the cost of use, ultraviolet laser marking machine does not need any consumables, "zero maintenance", just plug-in can be used, similar to new energy vehicles, lower use cost is also a major feature.
4. Lower failure rate
Ink ultraviolet laser marking machine not only needs maintenance and maintenance, but also faces the risk of shutdown or failure in the use process. Common situations are: ink line deviation, nozzle plugging, ink leakage, etc. Otherwise, the structure of laser jet printer is relatively simple, and there is no need for special maintenance personnel.
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