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Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Marking on Electronic IC

2019-07-26 22:39 RETURNS
Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Marking on Electronic IC
Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Marking on Electronic IC Chip
Fiber laser marking machine is a computer-controlled laser etching on the card surface of characters, patterns or barcodes and other content, with more exquisite marking effect, no consumables, maintenance-free and other advantages.
Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Marking on Electronic IC
Fiber laser marking is mainly used in mobile phone card marking in telecommunications industry and IC card marking in urban public utilities. Its specific application fields include public transportation, rental, rail transit (subway), water supply, heating, gas, landscape, digital community, road and Bridge toll collection, parking lot management and other very wide areas. Smart card (Smart card or ICCard), also known as smart card, smart card, integrated circuit card and IC card, refers to a portable card plastic pasted or embedded with integrated circuit chips. It is formed by embedding integrated circuit chips with microprocessors and large capacity memory on plastic substrates. Its shape is very similar to that of ordinary chips.
Smart cards come into being with the development of semiconductor technology and the increasing demand of society for information security and storage capacity. Nowadays, smart cards have become a new star in the information society. Common smart cards include telephone IC cards, identity IC cards, and some traffic tickets and storage cards. China's IC card industry is developing at an alarming speed. Especially in the past two years, the annual issuance of IC cards in China has exceeded 100 million. IC cards are widely used in telecommunications, social security, banking, taxation, public transportation, highway cards, gas cards and many other industries. With the expansion of IC card application scale, card packaging, printing and identification business has developed into industrial production. With the development of IC card industry and the improvement of card making requirements, the printing mode of IC card has gradually changed from ink printing and thermal transfer printing to laser printing
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