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What products can optical fiber laser marker mark?

2019-07-26 22:38 RETURNS
What products can optical fiber laser marker mark?
What products can the optical fiber laser marker label? Everyone knows that the optical fiber laser marker may say that this is not that the optical fiber plus laser can label on other species? Roughly speaking, this is the case.
But how can I learn half a barrel of water when I'm a real learner? Either material or not;
I would like to explain in detail:
The above also said that laser is the most important laser, optical fiber laser marking machine is no exception! It is different from this laser. It is a glass fiber laser doped with rare earth elements (rare earth is recommended to contact less toxic too much) as a medium.
Now what we want to say is the principle: under the action of pumping light in the fiber, high power density light is formed and added into the feedback loop to form the resonator, and finally the laser oscillation output is formed. That's the principle! It looks a little messy, and I think so.
Application of Fiber Laser Marker in Life
Actually! What we often use in our life comes from optical fiber laser marking machines, such as our second "boyfriend and girlfriend" cell phone; the watch we wear on our hands; the computer hardware we often need for office work; the circuit board shell on TV; the device on aircraft carriers; whether we ride in cars large or small. Small screw is no problem;
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