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How much is a ultraviolet laser marker?

2019-07-26 22:31 RETURNS
How much is a ultraviolet laser marker?
How much is an ultraviolet laser marker? Whether the marking effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine is good, the price is very expensive. Of course, it's a penny for a penny. Ultraviolet laser marking machine prices are also rising. Since ultraviolet laser marker is so expensive, what advantages does it have?
Ultraviolet laser marking machine uses ultraviolet laser to destroy the chemical bonds connecting the atomic components of substances directly. This destruction is called "cold" process in which substances are directly separated into atoms instead of heating the peripheral. The advantages of ultraviolet laser processing have led many enterprises to devote themselves to the research and development of ultraviolet lasers. At first, only imported lasers were used, but now domestic ultraviolet lasers have gradually replaced imported ones and penetrated into all fields of processing.
How much is a ultraviolet laser marker?
With the continuous progress of society, people's awareness of food and drug safety is also constantly improving. In recent years, the state's food and drug safety supervision is also increasing. The coatable modification of product production date has always been criticized by the people. Many food and drug products are put on the market again after expiration and the date of production is changed. The practice of small workshops has also caused many large factories to suffer unfair grievances. The application of ultraviolet laser marking in food and drug industry makes it impossible to alter the production date of food and drug. It not only makes food and drugs safer, but also makes producers and consumers more trustworthy of manufacturers.
Shenzhen laser marking machine manufacturer adopts high-quality ultraviolet laser source. Compared with ordinary laser marking machine, ultraviolet end pump laser focus spot diameter is smaller and marking effect is more fine. Compared with infrared end pump, metal has higher absorption rate of ultraviolet light, and is more suitable for precision marking on metal and glass materials. The laser with narrow pulse width acts on the processing material for a short time, with less thermal effect and more beautiful marking effect.
Because of this characteristic, ultraviolet laser marking machine has the incomparable advantages over other laser equipment in fine marking, fine cutting, carving and micro-processing of special materials. Ultraviolet laser marking is permanent and indelible, as long as it does not seriously damage the surface of the object, it can not destroy the marking content. And marking at the same time because of the use of non-contact marking, so it will not destroy the object itself.
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